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Monday, January 20, 2014

Mammoth Lakes, CA

Alcohol. Wilderness. Ping Pong. Pizza. That pretty much sums up my weekend! My friend decided to be adventurous and move to Mammoth Lakes for the month of January (wahhh...), and I decided the long weekend was perfect for visiting. Thankfully it's a large house because there were 14 of us! SUCH FUN. While the boys boarded, my best bud (of foreverrrr) and I decided to go on an adventure of our own. What more do you need than your best friend, a flask and a little mother nature at your disposal, after all? Climbing rocks. Drinking a yummy concoction out of my super bad ass "WW(wouldn't)JD flask. Tons of pictures. We had a fabulous time, but a short time later came to the very sound conclusion that it was time for some more pizza. We took the cue quickly and boogied our way home :).

Overall: Fun times were had by all -- another Mammoth Lakes adventure soon to come!

What are we wearing? NORDSTROM all over - at least on me. I picked up this cozy snow leopard sweater at Nordys the other day and let me tell you, regrets? None to be found. It will probably be my new go-to sweater because it basically feels as if I've draped myself in a life sized teddy bear... which I'm never opposed to. Obviously. The leggings are LuLu Lemon, my socks Free People and the boots are my all time favorite Sorels. You like?

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